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Marc Rabatini, Cuban-born, and communist raised is a practicing attorney in Orlando, Florida.
Marc lived in communist Cuba the first twenty years of his life. At thirteen, he enlisted in the Young Communist League. At seventeen, when he had decided to enroll at the University of Havana School of Law, the very same communist system he had fought for, betrayed him, and sent him to the Cuban Army instead. A year later, Marc was finally able to become a University of Havana alumnus graduating with a major in Economics.
Back in the sixties, during the early stages of the Cuban Revolution, his father and uncle were involved in trying to destroy the Castro regime. Their efforts landed them in prison. His father served an eight-year prison sentence, while his uncle served fifteen years for allegedly working as a United States C.I.A. operative on Cuban soil.
On February 1993, at the age of twenty, Marc legally immigrated to the United States under his family’s political asylum status. On January 1994, a scant year after his arrival in the U.S., and not yet fluent in English, Marc enrolled in college graduating from Law School late Summer 2001.
Today, Marc lives in the outskirts of Orlando, is a member of the Florida Bar, and has his own private law firm.
Presidential Approval, his first novel, is coincidentally being published on the tenth anniversary of the earning of his law degree. He is equally proud of both.
Presidential Approval offers a new, unique approach to deal with terrorism against the United States of America at a time when a U. S. trained cell takes matters into its own hands and tries to infiltrate into communist Cuba in order to overthrow its president. As has been readily seen in Tunisia and Egypt, all it takes is the spark of one man to bring a government down on its knees and ignite a regional upheaval.

Rabatini presents understandable evidence as to why the President of the United States is forced to sharply oppose existing policy decisions in order to deal with a bomb threat against the United States.
The author understands how much of the Washington political agenda towards Cuba is trite and boring. Rabatini changes that by producing a one-of-a-kind view of the inception and ideals of a small group of Cubans, led by a seventy-two year old ex-C.I.A. agent with a mission to give his birth country back to the Cuban people.

Since the author has had the experience of meeting the Cuban President and of living in communist Cuba for twenty years, he is able to provide us with fresh and fast moving inside information leading up to a new model of presidential activism in the United States.

Olga María Geraci.
Editorial Voces de Hoy.

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